"You FOOLED all of us...real bad!
-Penn & Teller-
"We LOVED that! That is INCREDIBLE
Mel B & Howie Mandel 
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"Magic Designed to Achieve
ximum Astonishment"-JM-


A bill change and so much more! Perform MIND NUMBING magic with bills, Credit Cards, playing cards,Paper-Clips. A sexy new bill change that will leave them with their mouths open!

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As magicians we take pride in accomplishing the impossible, and in magic there is no better way to do this than to make two objects become one, Signafy is my newest take on that plot.

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     Justin Miller is a Creator/Consultant/Magician

I am  a Creator, Performer, of mind-numbing, visual and life changing magic. I strongly believe that magic is the exclusive tool that is used to bring about logical and thoughtful thinking in human society. I  have created magic for television shows like Americans Got Talent and Wizard Wars. My original brand of  magic is performed all over the world by magicians that have the same mind set when it comes to how magic is perceived by the general population. The magic you will be getting from me is magic that has been honed, refined, and put through rigorous tests  of everyday life to get the MAXIMUM moments of ASTONISHMENT for each of your specific audiences.

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